Membership Information

Follow these three easy steps to be considered for membership in the Trumbull Boat Club:

  1. Call us and let us know you are interested in joining our club at 216-409-3294 (ask for Kevin)

  2. Review and print the New Membership Application Package by clicking HERE

  3. Fill out the membership application completely and mail it to the address provided within the application package

What to expect after completing and mailing your application:

  1. An officer will contact you at the number provided on your application to confirm receipt

  2. Your application will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees and presented to the Club

  3. The club will vote on your application to approve or deny your application based on majority rules

  4. An officer will contact you with the results of the vote and advise you on the final steps

**A Social Member is a non-dock leasing member with the same privileges as a Member without leasing a dock. (for example: a non-household family member/friend that may have permission to use your boat.